Payment Methods

We are currently accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

How long will it take for my coffee products to be delivered?

After our confirmation of your order, we will proceed with your order within 3 working days. Depending on your choice of shipment option, you should receive your product within 3 days after we shipped your order.

How much is the shipping fees?

We are now offering free shipping for amounts over 500 HKD. For details on shipping fees, please refer to our "Delivery Information”.

How long can my coffee products last?

Single-origin coffee beans can last for 21days and drip bags can last for 2-3months.

How to use my drip bag?

A Guide for Drip Bag Coffee
For each cup of coffee, set up your drip bag onto your preferred utensil and have your boiling water ready.

After boiling, depending on personal preferences, pour in 140ml to 160ml of boiling water at between 88 to 95 degrees celsius (190 - 203f). If you do not have any thermometers, we recommend you wait at least 2 minutes after reaching the boiling point before pouring it into your coffee filter or drip bag.

Can I order custom bean roasting?

For custom roast and house blend , please contact us for more information.

Email: mdcoffeehk@gmail.com
WhatsApp: 98670169

Is there overseas shipping?

No, we only ship within Hong Kong.