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Coffee Gift Box

The gift box comes with our premium Single-Origin 150-gram coffee bean, together with a total of 8 coffee Drip Bags. Enjoy three varieties of coffees that come with our prestige package design, a classy gift box present to introduce them to the world of coffee.

This gift box includes:

One pack of 150-gram Single-Origin Coffee Beans: Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe ( T.O.H Champion Series Adorsi Limited Edition)

Total of 8 packs Coffee Drip Bags:

4 packs of "Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe Banko Gotiti (Washed)"

4 packs of "Honduras (Washed)"

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How to enjoy our product

A Guide for Drip Bag Coffee
For each cup of coffee, set up your drip bag onto your preferred utensil and have your boiling water ready.

After boiling, depending on personal preferences, pour in 140ml to 160ml of boiling water at between 88 to 95 degrees celsius (190 - 203f). If you do not have any thermometers, we recommend you wait at least 2 minutes after reaching the boiling point before pouring it into your coffee filter or drip bag.

A Guide for Drip Bag Coffee

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